Business Card websites by JK Property Consulting, Inc.
Business Card websites by JK Property Consulting, Inc.

Simple Websites and Marketing!

For your small business or organization.

You've been told you need a site. Let's make it happen!

Business Card Website Service

You need a site, but you want to start with something simple. We have the solution for you: the business card website.

These websites have your own domain, like, a listing of services, and your contact information. You want something simple, we have it!

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You provide us 2-3 images, a logo if you have it, and some bullet points on your business. We assemble this information into a single page site with the basics:

  1. Who you are,
  2. what service(s) you provide,
  3. your contact information

This service is perfect if you want a set it and forget it website, or if you just need a bare-bones online presence right now. When it's time for a full featured website with multiple pages--we've got you covered.